Child Support & Deadbeat Dads

Child Support and Deadbeat Dads

Deadbeat dads who refuse to take care of their children force families into a life of struggle.

Delinquent child support is one of the leading causes of poverty and financial distress in the United States; it’s also a criminal offense under Federal Law.

In all fairness I need to point out that there are cases where the roles of men and women are reversed and the father is the parent who is owed the back child support but this is primarily a women’s issue.

If you are owed child support there are a variety of resources available to help you collect what is past due and enforce that regular payments are made each month.

If you ask for your state to help you with this problem you will get results.

Delinquent child support and the poverty that results is a serious problem in this country and it appears to be one issue that government will act upon in a timely manner.

The first thing that you need to do is pick up your phone book and find the section for government listings. Look for the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

You can also get this information by calling your state’s Attorney General or local District Attorney or by searching through which offers a lot of information on child support by state including contact information and website use.

When a state Child Enforcement Agency locates a non-paying parent you will be issued a certification of the delinquency and there will be a suspension of any state issued licenses that the non-payer may hold such as drivers license, professional licenses (attorney, physician, etc), their passport will be suspended and they will also lose their hunting or fishing license.

The state will also forward their tax refunds to you to make up monies owed.

The state agency will usually also issue orders to the employer of the non-paying parent requiring that the child support payment be deducted from the non-paying parent’s paycheck before it is issued.

If the employer fails to withhold the money, the employer will be responsible for the payment.

If the non-paying parent resides in a different state than the state where you and your child live you need to contact the United States Department of Justice.

They will have a local office and their number can also be found in the government listing of your phone book.

They will help you to file a complaint and the U.S. Government will locate and then proceed against the non-paying parent.

Not paying child support is not just a despicable thing to do it is also a violation of Federal Law. This is a very serious offense in the eyes of the government.

In order to establish that an offense has been committed the government must prove that the non-paying parent knew that he had a obligation to pay child support and that the payments are at least a year behind or in an amount of $5000 or more.

They will also need to prove that the non-paying parent and the child reside in different states and that the non-paying parent was aware of his obligation to pay but willfully refused to make payments.

Remember, not paying child support is a violation of Federal Law but not paying child support for 2 years with a past due balance of at least $10,000. is a felony.

This is serious and I promise that if you take the necessary steps that I have described here that you will get help.

Please Ladies, do what you need to do.

Through my role as a Credit Counselor I have spoken to so many of you over the years and this situation is not a hardship that you need to endure.

Take the advice of this article and make a better life for you and your child.

It’s one thing when the father can’t be located but it’s altogether another issue if a parent doesn’t pay and the custodial parent does nothing about it.

Poverty breeds problems bigger than being poor.

Please, pick up the phone book and make those calls.


  1. Dead Beat Baby Daddies says:

    I would like to know how it is that a multiple baby making, dead beat baby daddy can owe over $18,000 in back child support (never paid a dime), has a rap sheet as long as your arm (arrest warrant currently issued – $10,000 bond w/NO 10%), is able to falsify records of residence so that it appears he lives at an address where he has never lived, is able to receive SNAP and other support and sponsorship programs, owns and drives a car all over the place, has money to buy dope and Black & Milds for rolling “blunts” to the tune of a two-blunt a day minimum dope habit, and yet even when the police have been notified where he is, or where he will be, they never arrest him?

    I work over 40 hours a week to survive, and yet irresponsible idiots like this baby daddy are able to scam society and get away with it – how can this be possible?

  2. The fact that she is says:

    The fact that she is remarried has no effect on your responsibility to pay child support to your children.

    Child support is there to help support your child, so your ex getting remarried to this other man means nothing sense those children are not his kids to financially provide for.

    You should get a child support order put in place to protect yourself and your kids.

  3. if the women legally marries another man n not the biological says:

    if the women legally gets married to another man not the biological father, and no child maintenance order has been filed but the biological father stills buys what the child needs and gives the child financial support what are my rights as the biologically father mean while the biological mother is still asking for money for the biological child while she is legally married.

  4. Canadian says:

    Canada has agreements with the USA…if you know where he lives and work you are way above most women.

    In Canada child support obligation never goes away so if you have a court order or agreement which is registered with you state child support agency ask them to contact the maintenance enforcement agency (MEP). They will contact the provincial agency who will collect support.

    Up to 40% of his gross pay could be garnished, tax returns, RRSPs (401k equivalent) and his driver’s license and passport will be cancelled if he doesn’t pay the retroactive and ongoing support. There is not guarantee but his life will be uncomfortable.

    Do not tell him any of this or he could go into hiding let the agencies do the work.

  5. deadbeat dad says:

    We got a divorce in SC, in 1999. He paid for 5, 6 years and moved to Canada, he then stopped paying.

    He asked for me to take it out of the court system and he would pay me directly. I didn’t do that because and that time he had already not pay me for over a year.

    The only sure thing I thought I had was the court. He hasn’t paid in over 6 years and owes over $86000,-.

    I have been living in OK for 4 years and have tried to get some help but so far no luck.
    I know where he lives, work phone# etc.

    I have been working 85 -90 hours a week to keep my family going and I am getting tired. The kids in question are now 22 and 20 and I could use help putting them through college.

    There is an arrest warrant for him in the U.S. but he lives in Canada. What to do?????

  6. Juphet says:

    If only all parents know their responsibility, there will no problems like this.

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