Best Buy Credit Card
Chase Slate Credit Card

Best Buy Credit Card

Best Buy Credit Card

Chase Slate Credit Card

Chase Slate Credit Card


Review Card
Review Card


Best Buy is a leader of electronic stores in North America. It has a position of the store with unbeatable prices. If... Read more about Best Buy Credit Card

Chase serves more than a half of America’s households. You will discover a huge number of financial services li... Read more about Chase Slate Credit Card


Different financing offers;
Exclusive sales for cardholders;
12 months of financing or 5% in rewards.

Cardholders can save on interest and get a free monthly credit score.
No penalty APR.

Signup Bonus

10% back in your rewards from your first purchase.

You get no balance transfer fee during first 60 days.

Annual Fee

None or $59 based on your creditworthiness


Cash Advance APR



Late Payment Fee

Up to $37

Up to $37

Purchases APR


0% intro for 15 Months;
Standard APR is variable - 13.24% - 23.24%

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