Privacy Policy

We consider the privacy of our users highly important and we are fully dedicated to protect it.

This Privacy Policy was created as proof of our strong commitment to our users’ privacy and as an explanation of the measures we take in order to protect it.

In the following sections, we will provide information regarding what kinds of data and information we are collecting and the specific reasons why we are collecting them.

What Information Our Website Receives and How We Use It

For continuously assessing the effectiveness of our website and for gathering demographic and statistical information and data regarding our users, we collect generic but non-individually-identifiable information about our visitors, such as their type of browser, IP (Internet Protocol) address, Internet provider (ISP), date and time of access, time spent on our website, or number of clicks.

Nevertheless, any specific details about the identity of our users remain private.

The generic data we collect is used solely for improving our website, for localizing any problems our servers might have, and for monitoring the traffic on our webpages in order to collect demographic and statistical data.

Occasionally, we might share the demographic and statistical information we collect with our marketing partners.

However, the data they receive will not disclose any specific details regarding our users’ identity.

What Information the Advertising Networks Operating on our Website Receive

Several advertising networks are permitted to display advertisements on our website.

Such networks collect users’ non-personally identifiable information too in order to offer them advertisements closely related to their particular interests.

However, these networks do not have any access either to users’ personal information.

Moreover, users can decide to stop receiving personalized advertisements, even if the generic kinds of advertisement displayed on our website will still be visible.

Users’ Comments and Reviews

As user of our website, you have the permission to post comments or reviews of companies and credit cards.

Be aware though that the full responsibility for the content of these comments and reviews (which might include various information and data of a personal type) belongs to you.

We disclaim any responsibility for the manner in which any kind of personal data and information provided by reviewers and commentators can be subsequently used by any third parties.

Moreover, we reserve the right to edit or remove any of these comments or reviews for reasons including their erroneous or inappropriate content.

Private Information Disclosure

We keep our users safe by not saving any personal information online nor we give or sell any information to 3rd parties.

We believe in the right for privacy thus we will not disclose any information about our users with anyone.

Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to a variety of other websites dealing with credit cards.

Such websites might ask you to provide several kinds of personal information and data, including contact details such as name and surname, phone number, mailing and email addresses etc.

CreditSpot cannot control how the personal information you provide will be dealt with by these third parties and therefore disclaims any responsibility for their acts and conduct regarding your privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies only to our website and explains only what type of information we collect from our users and how we employ it.

Please make sure that, prior to providing any type of personal information on other websites, you read carefully their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.