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The Affinity Credit Union Low Rate MasterCard features the lowest interests rates (11,99%) and the convenience of a major credit card including the MasterTrip option. Notice that this is not a Rewards based card but it has many advantages such as a low annual fee of only $30.


Before filling your online application for the Affinity Credit Union Low Rate MasterCard, make sure you meet the following criteria of eligibility:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Be a credit union member or visit a local credit union branch to become one
  • Be open to provide information regarding your personal data, financial situation and employment status.

How to Apply

In this step by step guide you will find more information on how to successfully complete an online application:

Step 1: Access the Affinity Credit Union webpage and read the detailed description related to this Affinity Credit Union Low Rate MasterCard. You will find the ‘CUETS website’ link on which you need to click as shown below.

Step 2: The next page which will open is the CUETS credit cards’ homepage. Here, press the ‘Apply Now’ button next to the description and the exact name of the card you want to apply for.

Step 3: In the pop up window which will appear you need to select the ‘yes’ option to confirm that you are a member of the credit union. In case you are not a member yet, you’ll need to visit a local credit union branch where you may open an account personally. Should you already be a member and selected the ‘yes’ option, provide also your credit union branch in the appropriate field and press ‘Continue.’

Step 4: Fill in the primary’s cardholder data section by entering the following information: your first, middle and last name, home address, city, province, postal code, housing status, monthly payment, years at the current address, phone number and mobile phone number.

Step 5: Complete the personal information section by introducing also your social insurance number (optional), date of birth, mother’s maiden name and email address (optional). Provide the employment information including your employment status and choose whether you’d like to add an authorized user (for this specific card this option is free of charge).

Step 6: Should you decide to make a balance transfer and/or add a Balance Protection Insurance select the appropriate boxes and introduce the required information. Finally click on ‘Continue’ to review and submit your application for evaluation.


Q: How am I informed about whether my deposit was accepted or not when using Online Deposit?

Since there is a possibility of online deposit, there is an electronic deposit receipt which is sent to you via e-mail, or is shown directly on the screen, after the deposit request was accepted. The receipt includes the deposit amount and the number of checks. Once you get it in your e-mail, you should print it and keep it in a secure place. According to Affinity terms and conditions, it is necessary to hold the original checks for 60 days for deposits made via Online Deposit and when that period expires, you can destroy the checks.

Q: What is the MasterCard's Zero Liability?

The MasterCard's Zero Liability is a protection in case your MasterCard is lost or stolen. MasterCard's Zero Liability policy prevents unauthorized transactions on your card. This policy is not applied to cards used for business, commercial, or agricultural purposes.

Q: I have locked my account. What should I do to unlock it?

In case it happens that your account is locked, you will need to contact MSU Federal Credit Union and they will provide you with further steps in dealing with that issue. The Union will then verify your identity and give you a temporary password for ComputerLine which can be used to enter the account and fill in the security enrollment and change the password again.

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