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How to Apply to Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card

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With its great miles reward system for frequent travelers and amazing signup bonus, the Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card is a great choice, particularly if you use Alaska Airlines’ products and services on a regular basis. Should you decide to get this card, we’re here to provide you the guidelines on how to fill in an online application.


Before applying for this card, make sure to check the requirements/eligibility criteria:

  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • You should have a valid SSN, mailing and email address and phone number
  • You are also requested to provided financial details regarding your housing (monthly housing payments) and income (annual income, source of income)

How to Apply

In case you decided to get an Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card, here are the steps you must follow to fill in and submit an online application:

Step 1: On the card’s homepage click on ‘APPLY TODAY’ to open the online application form.


Step 2: In case you are already an online bank customer, you can check the small box at the top of the page in order to prefill and customize your application with your account information.

Otherwise, proceed to enter in the required fields your personal information, including your mileage plan number (in case you already have one), your first name, middle name (optional), last name, suffix (optional), residential address, city, state, Zip code (in case you would like your statements to be delivered at a different address click the appropriate box and introduce the other address), primary phone number, alternate phone number (optional), email address, and choose whether you would like to receive emails about special offers and promotions.


Step 3: Introduce your social security number, birth date, mother’s maiden name (optional), country of primary residence and country of citizenship.


Step 4: Provide your work and financial information.

Make sure to include your employment status, total annual income, a primary source of income, liquid assets, housing status and monthly housing payment.

Optionally, you can also add an additional cardholder.


Step 5: Review carefully the details of rate, fee, and other cost information, as well as the Terms& Conditions and, should you agree with everything, click on ‘Verify my information’ in order to submit your application.

In maximum 60 seconds, you will receive a decision regarding your application.



Q: Is there a chance not to be approved when applying for this card?

Yes. The program is made so as to decide whether all the requirements are fulfilled which are obligatory for the issuing of the card. In case some of them are not fulfilled, then you will not be allowed to possess the card and you will be informed about that within 60 seconds.

Q: Once I apply online, how long should I wait to see whether I am accepted or not?

From the moment you apply online, 60 seconds is enough to find out whether you are accepted as a regular card holder or not. If you fulfill all the necessary requirements, then there is no need to worry about the acceptance.

Q: What is a pop-up window?

There is a window that suddenly appears on the screen on the click of a mouse. It has a menu of commands and will not disappear from the screen until you select any of the commands. The name comes from phrasal verb "pop up" meaning appear or happen suddenly or unexpectedly.

Q: What are monthly housing payments?

The monthly housing payments show a home buyer's total Principal, Interest, Tax and Insurance payment per month, including mortgage principal and interest payments, hazard insurance premiums, property taxes and homeowner's association fees, plus monthly debt service. They indicate a borrower's ability to make the payments on their mortgage loan.

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