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The Amex Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card provides you various benefits, including a generous cash back program and signup bonuses, as well as a simple online system where you can manage your account. On this page we’ll provide information on how to log in, retrieve your lost credentials and join the online system.

How to Login / Make a Payment

In case you have already enrolled in Amex’s online system, it is very easy to access your account. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Go to the card’s homepage and click on the ‘LOG IN’ button to open the sign in page.

Step 2: Enter in the appropriate fields your user ID and password and press ‘Log In.’

Forgot Password / Username

If you forgot your credentials, do not worry, the online system offers you a very simple procedure for retrieving them. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Open the credit card’s login page and click on ‘Forgot User ID or Password?’ in order to access the credentials retrieval webpage.

Step 2: Enter the 15 digit number on the front of your card and the 4 digit card ID and press ‘Continue.’

Step 3: Now you will be able to retrieve your User ID and, after verifying your identity, to update your password.

Activation / Registration

If you do not yet have an online account, here is what you should do in order to set one up:

Step 1: Navigate to the credit card’s log in page and click on ‘Create New Online Account’ to open the registration page.

Step 2:  Enter in the required fields the 15 digit card number and the 4 digit card ID and press ‘Continue.’

Step 3: Set up your account preferences, including a user ID and a password, review the card benefits and your registration is complete!


Q: What is a promotional code?

A credit card promotional code is a code, which consists of letters, numbers and dashes, used by credit card brands. They are printed on a hard copy or online credit card application. This code is used to that allow you to get a discount on something, meaning by entering this code you get some percentage off your purchase in certain stores. That is why it is well known as coupon code or discount code.

Q: Why is it good to use my American Express Card to pay my bills?

Firstly, there are numerous rewards which you earn when you pay your bills with your Card. Then, it is more convenient than writing checks. You have control over your payments because you are the one that choose to pay bills one at a time or set up automatic payment. Last but not the least is the question of security. You can be sure that your payments are secure with American Express.

Q: What is the Prime Rate?

It is the interest rate that is charged by the bank. It is usually set to their most credit-worthy clients, based on the target level of the federal funds rate. Bank’s best clients are often huge corporations and the prime rate is used as an index in calculating rate changes to adjustable-rate mortgages and other variable rate short-term loans.

Q: What is a non-taxable annual income?

Income can be in various forms like of money, property, or services and that determines whether it will be taxable or nontaxable. Nontaxable income means that it will not be taxed, and those are usually inheritances, gifts, child support payments, most healthcare benefits and welfare payments.

Q: Does it take too long for payments to be received?

The time necessary for a payment to be processed depends on your service provider, even though most one-time payments can take place immediately. You can always see your account charges online on the AMEX official site and find out when the payment has been processed.it is advised to set one-time payments until your provider informs you that automatic payment has taken place.

Q: What is a statement credit?

A statement credit is money accredited to your account. However, it is not sent from the cardholder, but it is issued by a merchant or by the card issuer itself. Statement credits appear with a minus symbol in front of them and they are next to your payments in a “payments and credits” section. All statement credits were the result of returns. Another kind of statement credit is the travel statement credit. There are some travel reward credit cards, where you earn points that can be exchanged for statement credits.

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