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Holders of the ASU Platinum Credit Card will not only enjoy the lowest platinum rates but also support the Arizona State University just by using their credit card. Current students of the Arizona State University as well as old and new ones are strongly advised to apply for this amazing card.


Before starting an online application for this card, make sure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 of age or older
  • Have a valid social security number, a photo ID document and a home address
  • Be open to provide information regarding your current and past employment, your monthly income, housing payments and other financial information including debts and assets

How to Apply

Should you decide to apply for this credit card here we have listed all the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the MidFirst Bank ASU cards’ homepage and press the ‘Apply Now’ button under the description of this ASU Platinum Credit Card.

Step 2: In the next page make sure you open and read the E-Sign and Credit Card Application Disclosures. Tick the appropriate box to indicate your consent. Select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ regarding your customer status with MidFirst Bank.

Step 3: Scroll below in the same page and start introducing your personal information including: name (First, MI, Last), date of birth, social security number, contact method, phone number, email address, residential Zip code. Select the credit card type (Platinum), purpose of loan, type of collateral offered and promo code (optional). Press ‘Continue.’

Step 4: Provide the primary applicant information by adding to the previously inserted information the following: photo ID document, ID issue date, ID issue state, ID number, ID expiration date, mother’s maiden name. Select your marital status and insert your physical address information (street, number, city, state) followed by the time at the current address. Select your property status, mortgage/rent payment, mailing address and contact phone.

Step 5: Fill in the provided boxes with your employment information including: employment status, other source of income, gross income, description and payment frequency. Press ‘Continue.’

Step 6: In the next page you’ll find an additional comments box in which you can insert any additional information you may consider helpful for the current application. Select also ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question: ‘Will you use Automatic Payments?’ and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 7: In the new window you can review the information provided – press ‘Edit’ in case you find any mistakes or ‘Submit Application’ to forward your online application to the bank for further review.





Q: What is iManage Internet Banking Support?

iManage Internet Banking® Support is a page where all the methods you sholud follow are presented so as to help you access to your online account.

Q: On the iManage Internet Banking® Support page stands that I need to refer to a banking specialist to complete the request. What should I do?

The Bank Review Enrollment method demands the assistance of an online banking specialist, who can be called on 888.643.3477. So as to complete your enrollment after the completion of your request, you need to contact him/her.

Q: What does Automatic Payment mean?

Most credit card companies give its clients the option to set up automatic payments. It means that bills that are constant each month are paid by the money transferred on a scheduled and predetermined date. Automatic payments can be performed from a checking account or credit card and they are repeated on a set date each month. The client can start or stop automatic payment any time he/she wants to online. All that is necessary to be done is logging into the portal, entering your account credentials and once your account is accessed you can determine whether to turn on the automatic payment or not, by just simple click on Auto Pay On/Off button.

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