Dillard’s Credit Card
AARP Credit Card

Dillard’s Credit Card

Dillard’s Credit Card

AARP Credit Card

AARP Credit Card


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Review Card


Dillards is one of the most popular American department store chains. It sells name brand and private label retail, ... Read more about Dillard’s Credit Card

AARP Credit Card is a card issued by Chase, offering great benefits to its holders. You will get a 3% cash reward for... Read more about AARP Credit Card


Access to special events and special promotions.

Exclusive financing schemes on certain purchases.

Rewards Points when purchasing at Dillard's, U.S. Gas stations and grocery stores, and everywhere else where American Express is accepted.

A choice of 10% Off Rewards Shopping Pass or a $10 Rewards Certificate to be used at Dillard's once you reach 1500 points.

- You get $100 bonus after spending $500 on purchases in the first 3 months after you open your account.
- You also get 3% rewards on restaurant and gas stations purchases and 1% on other purchases

Signup Bonus



Annual Fee



Cash Advance APR

The computation for Cash Advance APR is : US Prime Rate + 23.74%


Late Payment Fee

Up to $37

Up to $15 in case your balance is less than $750 and up to $35 if it is more than $750

Purchases APR

Index Rate ( U.S. Prime Rate) + 6.74% up to 21.74%

0% for the first 12 billing cycles after you open your account
Afterwards, 16.49%

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