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Diamond Resorts Credit Card is an international card, that can be a really good option if you travel a lot. Spend your money for travelling and receive extra diamond points, which you can change for real money. Even after your first purchase, you will get 2 500 points as a bonus. In addition, the card can be used everywhere MasterCard is accepted.


In order to apply for the Diamond Resorts Credit Card, you:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have to provide Social Security Number;
  • Must provide mailing address;
  • Must provide financial information;
  • Good credit score.

How to Apply

If you are going to apply for Diamonds Resort Credit Card, there are 2 ways for you:

  • By phone. You can apply by calling Barclays Bank customer service.
  • Online. Follow the instructions provided down below.

Step 1 – Go to the Barclays Bank website and press ‘Apply Now‘ button, located on the right side of the screen.


Step 2 – Complete the application form with the following information.

Enter your First and Last Name. your Permanent Address, your City, State and Zip Code. Then you have to select, how long are you staying at the same address (in years and month).

After that select your residence type (own, rent or other).


Step 3 – On this step, you must provide your Employment and Financial Information : your Occupation and Total Annual Income. You can order an express delivery of your card ($15 per card).


Step 4 – Provide the next information: your Primary phone and Email Address. Choose if you are a United States citizen or not. Enter your Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and your Mother’s Maiden Name.


 Step 5 – Read the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Apply‘. Now your application is submitted.


You will receive the results of your application by E-Mail.

Usually, it takes from 7 to 10 business days.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your application, we recommend you to call Barclays Bank and talk with the Customer Service representative.


Q: How does the bank determine my balance on the Card?

Whenever you use your card, your balance is decreased and that can be done in two ways. The first one is: the moment you make a purchase with the Card, the bank deducts the full amount of that purchase, including taxes and any other fees, from your Available Balance. The second way possible is if the Merchant authorizes for an amount greater than the actual purchase, only the final amount of the purchase will ultimately be deducted from the Available Balance. When the Available Balance reaches zero, the Card cannot be used any more. Nevertheless, if a transaction occurs after the Available Balance reaches zero on the Card, you agree to reimburse the bank for the amount of the negative balance created on the Card.

Q: How can the value of the Diamond Resorts Rewards Points be calculated?

Each Diamond Resorts Rewards Point is worth one cent which can be redeemed for statement credits toward Diamond Resorts International purchases, or for airfare and car rentals through the Diamond Resorts International Rewards website. Once you become a new card holder, you will receive 2,500 bonus Diamond reward points with the first purchase. 2500 bonus points are worth $19. Balance transfers do not earn reward points. For every $2,000 in purchases, cardholders will earn 500 bonus Diamond points which do not expire and there is no limit on how many points may be earned.

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