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The AAA Member Rewards Credit Card’s generous point rewards system and great signup bonuses (including no interest in the first 12 billing cycles) makes it a perfect choice for a large variety of customers. Should you decide to get this card, check this page to find out more about the application procedure.


Should you decide to get an AAA Member Rewards Credit Card, please make sure that you meet all the criteria of eligibility listed below:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a credit record with no recent bankruptcies
  • Be a US citizen with a valid social security number and a valid US postal address
  • Have a valid email address and phone number
  • Be open to disclose information regarding your earnings

How to Apply

In case you decide to apply for an AAA Member Rewards Credit Card, we are here to guide you through the application process. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to fill in and submit an online application:

Step 1: Open the credit card’s homepage and click on ‘Apply Now’ in order to open the online application form.


Step 2: Before starting the online application, read carefully the Terms and Conditions associated with this card.


Step 3: Enter in the appropriate fields the following information: your AAA member number, your first name, middle name (optional), last name, suffix (optional), residential address, city, state, Zip code, primary phone number, email address, country of citizenship, country of residence and date of birth.


Step 4: Introduce your employment and financial information, including: employment status, total annual income, source of income, liquid assets (optional) and monthly housing payment.


Step 5: Read carefully the terms and conditions associated with this card, check the appropriate box if you agree with them and click on the ‘Review your information’ button.



Q: What is a purchase APR?

The purchase APR is the annual interest rate charged on the outstanding balance for any purchases made with the card in case the total balance is not paid in full each month. However, when everything is paid in full each month, then there is no purchase APR.

Q: What is a Preferred Rewards tier?

There are 3 tiers in the Preferred Rewards program in the Bank of America and those are gold, platinum and Platinum Honors. Which tier you can get is based on your qualifying combined balances in the Bank of America. If you are eligible to enroll in the Preferred Rewards program, then you will be move up automatically by the bank itself when you become qualify you for the next rewards tier.

Q: What is the necessary information when opening an online account?

For security reasons that the banks pay attention to a lot, you need to give your Social Security number, email address and funding account information. Also, for credit cards and loans, you will need to give your Social Security number, account information, email address, employment information, and annual income, as well as all the personal information like name, surname, address, phone number and a zip code. Another necessary thing is a security question, which represents a form of authentication when you log in to Online Banking account .You set it up and might be asked to use it, if you try to log in from an unrecognized device or browser.

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