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The Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard issued by Affinity Credit Union and CUETS includes all the options of CUETS’ most expensive Master Cards (many travel and protection benefits) but for a lower annual fee ($24). If interested in applying for this card read our step by step guide for more info regarding the online application process.


Make sure you meet the following criteria of eligibility before starting an online application:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Be a credit union member or visit a local credit union branch to become one
  • Be open to provide information regarding your personal data, financial situation and employment status.

How to Apply

Here are the steps you need to follow for your online application:

Step 1: From the CUETS card’s website click on the ‘Apply Now’ button next to the description of this Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard.

Step 2: In the pop up window which will appear you need to confirm you are a member of the credit union by selecting the ‘yes’ option. If you are not a member you’ll first need to visit a local credit union branch in order to open an account physically. After selecting the ‘yes’ option, you’ll be asked to also type/select your credit union branch (mandatory). Press ‘Continue’ to start your application.

Step 3: Introduce the required information related to primary cardholder including: your first, middle and last name, home address, city, province, postal code, housing status, monthly payment, years at the current address, phone number and mobile phone number.

Step 4: Introduce your personal information too, including: your social insurance number (optional), date of birth, mother’s maiden name and email address (optional). Provide also your employment information by selecting your employment status and choose whether you’d like to add an authorized user (if yes then fill all the mandatory fields which will be available).

Step 5: This card has the feature of balance transfer and offers a Balance Protection Insurance too. If you are interested in making a balance transfer and/or add a Balance Protection Insurance select the relative boxes and introduce the required information. Press ‘Continue’ to review and submit your application for evaluation.


Q: What does Extended Warranty stand for?

In case you possess the Affinity Credit Union Low Fee Choice Rewards MasterCard and you pay the item with it in Canada, the manufacturer's warranty is immediately extended for up to 2 additional years.

Q: Will I lose my membership if I move out of the entitled counties or if I am not a SEG worker anymore?

No. There is no need to worry, since the membership stops only of you want to leave the union. The moving house or changing of the job does not affect your membership. Once you become a member that lasts always. You can access your credit union account wherever you are, since Affinity Credit Union participates in shared branching which makes you able to perform transactions at other CU Service Centers.

Q: What is the process of closing my credit card account?

For those people who want to close the account, there is a Memvber Service Center that should be called at 800-325-0808 or they can visit an Affinity Branch, where you will be advised about the consequences of closing the account.

Q: How can I reorder checks?

There are several ways of reordering checks. One of them is by logging into Online Banking, visit the Applications & Forms section, and select the 'Check Reorder with No Changes' option. In case you want to change your personal information, you should select the 'Check Reorder with Changes' option. Another ways of reordering checks are by calling the Member Service Center and a representative will assist you and explain you everything, or you can visit the nearest Branch location.

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