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It is an easy and quick online process to apply for a Citi Secured Mastercard. Make sure that you meet all of the requirements listed below in order to apply for this credit card and to increase your chances of not being denied. Use the screenshots below as guidelines for the application process.


Check that you meet all of the requirements to apply for a Citi Secured Mastercard:

  • A citizen of the U.S.
  • 18 years old or over.
  • Have a valid email address, mailing address, and contact number.
  • All applicants must meet the credit qualification criteria in order to obtain this card. All applicants will have their income and debt reviewed.

How to Apply

Follow the application process as it is detailed below to easily apply for a Citi Secured Mastercard online.

Step 1:

Go to the following website and click on the large blue button on the right of the page, underneath the picture of the credit card that reads ‘APPLY NOW’.


Step 2:

You will be taken to the following page below where you are required to fill in all of your information.


Step 3:

Make sure to read and tick the Terms and Conditions. Once you are done, click on the large button at the bottom of the page that reads ‘Submit’ and then your application is done.



Q: Why are people with a bad credit score declined when applying for a regular credit card?

A bad credit score is achieved by bad credit history, meaning not paying your debt on time. So, if you have a bed score, credit card companies have no reason to believe that, once you get the new unsecured credit card, you would not do that again. That is why the secured credit cards are created, and the deposit you put is your spending limit. It protects issuers against default and your responsibility can make your credit history sufficient to qualify you for an unsecured credit card.

Q: How can I improve my damaged credit history by using Citi Secured credit card?

Citi Secured credit card is a perfect choice for those who are in need of improving their bad credit history, because their spending limit with a Citi Secured credit card equals the deposit they placed. That way, the cardholder is not allowed to spend more than the amount of the deposit, which makes him responsible and fees him/her from bad habits, since he/she is not making any debts and does not exceeds the limit. On the other hand, the issuer has no problems with your account, since there is no debt, and that is reported to the bureaus. You can even open a secured credit card and activate it, but do not use it at all. That way, you will not have payments, and the debts, so your account will be reported as being in good standing, therefore improving your credit score.

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