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ExxonMobil Business Card will definitely help you to save a lot of money on gas. In addition, you will be able to monitor and manage your worker’s expenses. All you need to do – is to apply for ExxonMobil Credit Card online. So if you are looking for the guidance – we will show you how to apply for your Business credit card online. It will not take more than 10 minutes.


If you are going to apply for Exxon-Mobil Business Credit Card, you must:

  • Provide actual information about the business (including financial);
  • Must be a US resident;
  • Must have Social Security Number.

How to Apply

Step 1 – In order to apply for ExxonMobil Business Credit Card, press ‘Apply Now‘ button, located on its web page.


Step 2 – First of all, you have to provide the information about your Business.

So enter your Legal Business Name and then write down, who are you doing business as.


Step 3 – Enter your Business Street Address.

Then enter the City, State, Zip Code and Business Phone Number.

Add Business Tax Number if you want.


Step 4 – Provide your billing information.

Enter a billing contact name, Email Address, Billing Address including City, State, and Zip Code.


Step 5 – On this step, you are supposed to select your organization type and the Legal Type of your Company.

Also provide the Taxpayer ID.


Step 6 – Provide the information about how long are you in Business in years (eg. 1995) and the Number of Employees.

Then enter Annual Revenue and Monthly Fuel Purchase Volume.


Step 7 – To complete your application, provide your personal information.

You have to enter your Name, your Personal Address, Date of Birth, your Phone Number, and Financial Information, and your Social Security Number.

After you finished, click ‘Submit Application‘.



Q: What is a Billing Zip Code?

A Billing Zip Code is the address that you provided when you opened your account and your Credit Card statements are sent there. The primary use of “Billing Zip Codes” is to protect your privacy and identity. The Billing Zip Code can be used as a verification tool in case your card is being lost or stolen. It is required in almost all purchases, except the “Debit” ones, since you must provide a pin number for debit purchases and that is enough protection.

Q: Can I log into my account from my smartphone?

Of course you can, since the official site is available both from your smartphone and tablet, as long as you have the Internet connection. You can also use the appropriate application and take advantage of the options available there. However, the easiest way of searching through the pages is computer or laptop for sure.

Q: What is an APR rate?

APR stands for annual percentage rate which is the rate charged for borrowing or earned through an investment. It is the cost of funds per year including mortgage broker fees and all the other charges that you must pay to get the loan and it is represented in percentages.

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