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Nordstrom Credit Card offers three options to the customers: a Retail Card, Visa Signature, and a Debit Card. All three cards have no annual fee, low APR, and very competitive rewards. The only difference is that Retail Card can be used only in the store. Interested in applying for the Nordstrom Retail Card? Then this article is for you.


If you want to apply for the Nordstrom Retail Credit Card you should take into account the following requirements:

  • You have to  be 18 years or older to apply (19 in Alabama and Nebraska; 21 in Mississippi and Puerto Rico)
  • You must provide your ID, SSN, your contact information.

How to Apply

Are you ready to apply? If you are, just follow these four simple steps and the application process will be extremely easy for you.

Step 1 – Get into the Nordstrom Credit Card’s website. On this page, you can read a lot about the rewards and benefits Nordstrom offers to its cardholders. Click ‘Apply Now’. After that, you will be asked to choose kind of card you want to apply for. Choose ‘Nordstrom Retail’ and Submit.


Step 2 – Now you are on the application page.

Here you have to enter your First, Middle and Last Name, your Address, your Zip Code, City, State and the current time.


Step 3 – On this page, you are supposed to provide your personal information. Enter your SSN, Date of Birth, Annual Income, the Type and Number of your ID, the State, and an Expiration Date.

After that enter your E-mail and your Phone Number.


Step 4 – You have just finished with filling the application form. All you need to do is to read the agreement and terms. Don’t skip this step, it is very important! The Agreement contains information about all the fees and other important issues you need to know.

After reading the Agreement press ‘Agree&Apply’.



Q: What does a schedule payment stand for?

Schedule payment is determined by each bank or credit card issuer and it differs. That way a timetable according to which the credit account owner will make payments to a creditor is determined. Scheduled Payments allow customers to pay for a purchase in several installments, rather than in one single payment which makes his/her purchase easier in terms of having the money with himself/herself. The dates at which payments are made are set by the schedule. It is usually used for larger amounts of money since the customer has a chance to get what he/she needs without spending too much at once.

Q: How can I use Mastercard contactless?

The new option provided for all Mastercard owners is Mastercard contactless which means that you can pay by a simple tap of your card. There are many benefits to contactless payments such as that you do not have to worry about carrying around cash, you get better record keeping of all your purchases and it I s fast and ideal at places where speed is important. Contactless payments can be made anywhere you see the contactless symbol at checkout, such as fast food restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, stadiums and more. However, if there is not a contactless symbol, do not worry because your card can still be used.

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