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Citibank Simplicity Credit Card provides good benefits and it’s a perfect card for those, who want to make a big purchase. In addition, you will be able to make balance transfers with no fee. No annual fee and no late fee make this card even more attractive. Got approved for Citibank Credit Card? We will show you how to manage it online.

How to Login / Make a Payment

Step 1 – First of all, you have to get into Citi Credit Card’s website. On the right part of the screen, you will see a small ‘Sign On’ button. Press it in order to log in.


Step 2 – Enter your User ID and Password and then press ‘Sign On‘. If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, keep reading.


Forgot Password / Username

Step 1 – If you want to retrieve your User ID and your Password, go back to the Citi Bank’s account and press ‘Sign On’.


Step 2 – Press ‘Forgot User ID/Password’ button.


Step 3 – If you want to reset your password, all you have to do on this page is to enter your Credit Card Number. If you don’t know it, find the number on the front of your credit card. After that press ‘Continue’.


Activation / Registration

There are two ways to register your card. You can do it online, or by phone talking with customer service representative.

Step 1 – Go to the Citi Bank’s website and press ‘Sign On’.


Step 2 – Under the sign in form, you will find a button called ‘Register Now’. If you are ready to create an account – press it now.


Step 3 – Now you have to create your online account. So first you have to enter your Credit Card Number and press ‘Verify&Continue’. If you are not sure about your credit card number, check it on the front of your Credit Card.


After that, you will be asked to create your personal User ID and Password, which you are going to use for your login in future.

So provide all the required information, set up all the security settings and start using your online account immediately!


Q: I want to apply for Citibank Simplicity Credit Card, but I have bad credit. Am I going to be declined?

Yes, Citibank Simplicity Credit Card is only available to people with excellent credit. It is advisable not to waste your time applying, considering the fact that you will be declined and being rejected can hurt your credit.

Q: Who is this card good for?

This card allows people a very long introductory low APR period for balance transfers and purchases. Since there are no late fees and penalties, this is a good card for a big purchase.

Q: What is Citi Price Rewind?

Citi Price Rewind is a price protection service through which you can look for things you bought using the Citibank Simplicity Credit Card in order to see if you can find it at lower prices 60 days after your purchase. If you find it at the lower price, you may be refunded for the difference.

Q: What does “Citi World Privileges” include?

“Citibank World Privileges” are at your disposal at over 40 countries around the world and the Citibank Credit Card holders are welcomed at numerous shopping places and restaurants in Hong Kong and countries across the world. A wide variety of superior benefits designed to suit your needs include a combination of offers on golf, hotels, spa and other enjoyments. None of the cards can offer these kinds of advantages, so many people are switching over to Citi which made a partnership with other countries so that its clients can have access to these privileges.

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