What’s the Easiest Credit Card to Get?

Easiest Credit Card to Get

If you got a a better than average credit score this article is not for you.

This article is about credit cards for those who try to better their credit scores and need a credit card that allows low credit scores applicants.

Here we go.

Easiest Credit Card to Get – Decent Credit

If your credit is in the middle somewhere, there are a few places that are more likely to approve you.

The terms will not be the best and they often charge kind of crazy fees if you are late on a payment or accidentally go over your credit limit.

However, there are a few placed in particular that may give you a fair deal on a small credit limit.

Capital One

This bank has traditionally specialized in working with people that had bad credit.

However, now they have a portfolio of many different products that should work for nearly anyone.

However, they can be somewhat tough to deal with and you really have to make sure you make no mistakes with them.

Always pay your bill on time and absolutely never go over your credit limit.

Here’s 4 credit cards by Capital One (Info & Reviews):

Orchard Bank

Orchard is okay if you had credit problems in the past.

You will get approved and probably won’t have the crazy fees you would expect elsewhere.

However, you will have a small credit limit and should expect to pay annual fees, monthly.

This is how they hedge their bets with someone that has credit problems.

Decent credit - we can work with that meme

Easiest Credit Card to Get – Horrible Credit

There are three types of credit cards that you can get when you have terrible credit.

Unfortunately, none of your choices are real good and you will be stuck with high fees and poor terms.

You should never apply for more than one, keep it for a year and ask them for help on your fees and terms.

Many banks will waive some of the fees after a year if you have a small or zero balance and have paid on time every single month.


Simply you give the bank a certain amount of money, and they give you a credit card with a limit that matches the deposit you made.

You can cancel the credit card at any time and receive your money back if you do not have a balance.

You just need to be very careful and make sure you understand the fees and under what circumstances they can seize your deposit.

There are a lot of unscrupulous credit card companies out there, be sure you are working with someone you have heard of.

Here’s 3 popular choices (Info & Reviews):

Secured credit card meme


This is a simple “credit” card that allows you to load money into an account, and make charges.

Often you can deposit money at any currency exchange and your card is ready to go instantly.

This does not help your credit as you will never see a bill.

You can charge up to the amount you have on deposit and that is the end of it.

The card will never be converted into anything else and is simply for utility purposes.

You should expect small monthly fees and a percentage of the amount you load will go to the card issuer as a fee.

There are a lot of complaints about these cards not working for certain things like rental cars, and hotels.

Be warned: the cards are not reliable and you should never count on one pre-paid card alone.

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Unsecured credit cards when you have terrible credit are really not recommended.

They charge you a fortune upfront and give you a credit limit that may not even match the fees you paid.

An example would be $95 processing fee, $49 application fee, $79 recovery fee, and $99 annual fee that must be paid up front.

Of course, you are guaranteed to be approved for an unsecured credit card, but your limit will be $250.

In other words, you will spend over $300 upfront to get a $250 credit limit.


The easiest credit cards to get are always dependent on your credit score.

Some banks are completely fine giving a card to someone with no credit whatsoever, while others will turn the same applicant down flat.

Do a little research and your best choices will become apparent.

Good luck.

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